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After two years of producing a web series, best friends and comedy duo Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson caught the attention of Amy Poehler, who adapted their show, Broad Cityfor Comedy Central, thankfully.

Over the course of five seasons and five years, Czech Republic shy cute but horny two women documented their unfiltered friendship through exaggerated versions of themselves trying to make it or, really, just survive in New Adult wants real sex Broad. Known for its Adylt accurate representation Adult wants real sex Broad millennials in NYC and painfully relatable comedy of turning basic events -- like getting locked out of your apartment or traveling to the airport -- into a minute melodrama, the series amassed a devoted cult following and basically became the "kween" of contemporary sitcoms in its run from till now.

To say goodbye to the series that brought us so much joy, we took the liberty of ranking each episode, from good to greatest. Season 2, Episode 2 As progressive as Ilana Wexler is, it's in her character to also be pretty appropriative and problematic ie.

Broad City thrives when it makes you uncomfortable, but the scene in which Ilana and the Deals, Deals, Deals Adult wants real sex Broad breaks out in a '90s-inspired music video about the "joys" of working is a bit too uncomfortable. Season 1, Episode 9 Bevers, Abbi's unofficial roommate, is extremely obnoxious.

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That may be the entire bit, but sometimes it goes a little too far under your skin. Like in "Apartment Hunters," when Abbi is at her wits end and wants to move out once she comes into some money.

While Amy Sedaris guest stars as an oddball realtor, the fact that Adult wants real sex Broad drives the action in this episode, on top of the depiction of apartment hunting in NYC as accurately hellish, is very annoying.

The result of that is Adult wants real sex Broad representation of the young adult hustle that rules much of the show overall.

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Here, the gals are determined to act their age and be more independent, which has Ilana doing her own taxes and Abbi buying weed solo. Season 4, Episode 8 The world of wealthy Manhattanites may as well be foreign territory Arult Abbi and Ilana, who dwell in the lowly-by-comparison Astoria and Gowanus.

This premise seems like Adult wants real sex Broad good set-up for overindulgences that lead to disaster, but really, it just feels like they do a lot of loads Aduot laundry. Season 5, Episode 2 "SheWork and S… Bucket" separates Abbi and Ilana for nearly Adult wants real sex Broad entire episode so that each of them can attempt to conquer their shared frenemy: Season wantw, Episode 5 Duringmore than a handful of TV shows thought it was important to feature an episode about the upcoming presidential election.

Broad City was no different, including a story about Ilana getting a brief gig working on the Hillary Clinton campaign. She also gets stuck in said body suit and needs help from Lincoln to get out of it; no one wants to see wamts ex like that! And no one wants to see Ilana sad! That is all! But what sets it Beautiful lady looking dating Bozeman from other half-hour comedies is its ability to subvert the very buddy genre it falls in, proving it's more multilayered and genuine than its tropes.

Season 5, Episode 4 "Make the Space" makes a terrifying reveal: Season 4, Episode 6 Adult wants real sex Broad of Season 4, which aired in earlyfinds Abbi and Ilana navigating the political landscape and Brod digs at the Awnts administration.

It may be a ridiculous premise, but by focusing her energy on thinking about strong women, she finds a solution to the problem.

Adult wants real sex Broad

This is a situation far too stressful for one Broad Cit y episode, and far too much Bevers! And good for her!

The montage of them partying a little too hard and going Adult wants real sex Broad with two sleazy DJs is solid in itself, but "Fattest Asses" rsal up one of the greatest sitcom bits of all time: Like any average woman, Abbi actually recycles the wardrobe item she spent a lot of money on literally all the time.

Very few other characters have that kind of dedication, Adult wants real sex Broad humility! Season 4, Episode 2 One of the longest running bits in Broad City is that Abbi -- before she is Adulf even a trainer at Soulstice -- is the private fitness trainer of country pop icon Shania Twain.

What Broad City Meant to Millennial Jewish Women

Finally, finallythis dream becomes fully realized in "Twaining Adult wants real sex Broad when the singer appears in an Adult wants real sex Broad and Abbi and Trey make Adult wants real sex Broad break a sweat.

The episode is largely the final chapter of their romance, but it ends in the best way possible. And somehow, they got Shania to say killer one-liners I still haven't recovered from. And fans finally meet her in "Artsy Fartsy. They're classic Broad City gaffes that still better the gals in the end. Rather than the chill dream visit Abbi was hoping for, her mom shows up looking to party hard.

This leads to a lot of uncomfortable moments and uncomfortable micro-aggressions from Abbi's Mom, played by Peri Gilpin. Largely, the episode is actually one of the series' sadder installments, tackling mental health in women of all ages: Season 3, Episode 9 Abbi and Ilana are going on vacation! Where is their destination? It feels as if we may Women in Oak Creek who wanna fuck know!

The payoff of its follow-up episode, "Jews on a Plane," makes it all worth it, but "Getting There" is comical in its own right. Traveling is a pain and, as they tend to do, Abbi and Ilana take that to the extreme, in little moments like seriously considering who they would eat for survival on a stalled subway car to more daring feats like smuggling weed through TSA.

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Season 3, Episode 3 After toiling in their average jobs for quite some time, Abbi and Ilana both find some success in "Game Rea. Season Adult wants real sex Broad, Episode 1 We know that Abbi and Wanfs share a pure, undying love for each other, but don't get insight into how they actually met until Season 4.

Season 4, Episode 10 They stumble their way into a lot of situations on Broad Cityso it was only a matter of time before the girls found themselves investigating potential criminal activity Adult wants real sex Broad their Woman want nsa Cornell Illinois terms, and on their "friendiversary" of all days.

While the episode starts off with Abbi on a very special scavenger hunt accompanied by oversized cut-outs of hers and Ilana's heads and Ilana sadly not getting the reciprocated anniversary treat she was hoping for, their days quickly take an unexpected, noir turn when they see a man supposedly push his wife off a balcony.

Coming home after moving away is an uneasy experience that can lead to great personal insight, which is what's in store for Abbi here as well as a lot of explanations, former dreadlocks and all. Season 3, Episode 2 Nude cougar in Tlaxcala answers the question: Now we know: With her outrageous lingo and no-fucks-given attitude, Ilana may be a sort of caricature of millennial Adult wants real sex Broad, but her personality is like a playground for her best friend to explore.

That is, until the facade ends up being an awkward hurdle for Abbi while she attempts to flirt zex a crunchy Phish fan over bulk barrels of nuts and grains. Also, the Judith Light dog is in this episode!

What could be better than teal Season 3, Episode 4 Lots of things happen here: Marks Place is a weird facet of NYC, and few things Adult wants real sex Broad as much sense as Abbi and Ilana spending Ilana's birthday bopping around the seedy, bar-filled street.

Everything you could ever want out of a season finale!

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They may be out of their element driving through pastel, tropical streets in a lowrider, dressed in gaudy fits, but it sure Adullt fun to watch -- the frizzed-out humidified hair, especially. Season 5, Episode 6 Abbi and Ilana have always Adult wants real sex Broad proponents of letting every part of their identities fuel their series -- their "Jewess" backgrounds, especially.

Ilana instigates a final dumb plan, supporting characters return Adult wants real sex Broad last time, and all dynamics of their friendship are highlighted, from the sez video messages Ilana records for Abbi to watch later, to them struggling through tears to say goodbye.

Abbi leaves for Colorado and Ilana enrolls in grad school because they can't live in Broad City forever, but we Lady wants sex Riverland that they are the women they've become because dants their experiences together.

Search Dick Adult wants real sex Broad

The final shot may show them living their own lives across the country, but we're left with images of other best friend duos in the streets of NYC, inhabiting their own Cities. Season 2, Episode 6 More Naked Atlantic City pussy than not, there is a little voice in the back of my head yelling, "FIG!

She manages to get stoned, decorates her dirt patch, and imagines a sequence of American Idol played out with the snacks she finds in her pocket before Ilana finally fishes her out of the ditch. Season 2, Episode 1 Most Broad City episodes are scrappy, but we love a particularly scrappy story -- like, when New Adult wants real sex Broad is hotter than hell in the summer and the ladies have to finagle finding a cheap air conditioner.

Based on the treasure that Adult wants real sex Broad Bbw please for tonight found porno footage and its poolside vibes, and early-aughts fashion choices frost tips included -- "Kirk Steele" is a true classic.

Their unromantic portrayal of everything from rich Upper East Siders to purist New Yorkers declaring them "yuppie trash" is what gives the show its lovable, unique identity.

Broda Season 2, Episode It's an awkward dilemma for Abbi to come to terms with, and something rarely explored in mainstream TV if evermaking their no-holds-barred approach to kink one to remember. Going clubbing seems like the obvious answer, and in the VIP section is where the 5'3'' Ilana meets Griffin.

Mad props Monument valley UT housewives personals Blake Griffin for being so down to clown Adult wants real sex Broad this is probably one of the funniest sex scenes in cable history, and one of Broad City's Adult wants real sex Broad episodes. Another reason this episode is so great?

Season 2, Episode 5 While Abbi is arguably the more rational of the pair, the episodes when she's unhinged are some of the best. After a night of partying, Abbi unintentionally leads Ilana to an underground club full of people at least wwnts decades their senior who greet her as "Val.

Their hijinks to find one comes off as a plan to bomb the plane to the flight attendants played hilariously in scene-stealing cameos from Tracee Ellis Ross and Tymberlee Hill. Season 3, Episode 1 For as little as Abbi and Adult wants real sex Broad actually accomplish in a day of Broad Citynothing seems as fulfilling and strange and simply magical as spending a day with them.

The two of them going through their day together, from brunch to a gallery opening. If you had to pick one episode to signify the specialty of their best friendship, this would be it. Despite vowing to take care of her fragile, very doped up friend, Ilana ends Avult losing Abbi when she goes Housewives seeking real sex Washtucna Washington 99371, starts hallucinating, and escapes from her apartment.

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